Hello. I really dunno what experience to post this under...I just wanna share my story...its been really bugging me. I am a middle child, Ihave a older sister and a younger brother. It makes me really sad, when we were all young, we were all so close. But as we all grew older, we all grew apart. My brother and sister are still close, but it seems like she hates me. I just wish i knew why....I wish I could have a normal loving relationship with my sister. I havent seen her in a year, yes sheis in the navy and all but she dididn't even visit me to say goodbye before she left. And she also has a break coming up from her duty and she isn't even going to my state. I just wonder why...I wish I just had family who cared....thank u for reading the nonscence I conjured up <3
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May be you shud call her up and talk to her and clear things up.. talking out is probably the only solution..