My parents aren't happy for me when I get trophies in sports and they don't support me. So I stopped trying looking for attention . It didn't work and now my life is ruined
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You can fix it. Do things that make you happy. My parents were the same way, it took me a long time to figure out I did not do good in sports for them, I did it because I wanted too. Love yourself. We all make mistakes, all you can do it try to fix them and not make the same mistakes anymore.

I kinda lost hope though I have nothing to motivate me up and I don't see a bright side anymore

You are young and there is so much ahead of you. Just dream big and do what you can, do your best. Things could be so much worse, not that ever makes anyone feel better, but try to look um... at the good in life. The simple things, you know. Your parents love you, adults can be selfish too, and sometime they get caught up in how they feel and what they gotta do and that 9-5 routine that they kinda loose sight to whats important, and that is you, their son. Don't let stuff get you down, if I told you 1/2 of my story you would feel like you were living as a king :) Just try to find the good in people and people do make mistakes so learn from their mistakes and keep your head up.

Put some Bob Marley in, (you may be a lil young for that) but hey it may put a smile on your face. I know life is hard when you feel like you messed everything up. Trust me, everyone messes stuff up sometimes, it is what you do after that will make you a better more humble person.