My dad wasn't around when I grew up, and although my mum wasn't young, she was inexperienced and immature. I was essentially raised by my paternal grandparents.
Later on we moved over to where my dad was, who didn't know how to be a parent either. They tried to make it work but their stubbornness got in the way. After my dad's car crash, my mum left. I believed she felt she could be better off and kept saying my dad was so different to what she remembered. My dad spiralled into depression, and my grandma was the only person I had. His reality became so distorted, and he believed he knew how everyone thought. All he did was throw money at me, I don't think he ever showed that he cared. Household responsibilities were piled on me whilst I was at school and doing part time work. And in my most stressful moments, he would verbally abuse and mentally manipulate me to feel superior.
Once a year I would visit my mum, and each time she'd be with a different man. I still remember the time she was seeing three people at the same time. She tells me she loves me but she probably feels guilty about leaving me to live her own life.
But the only person in my family I truly care about is my grandma. Sure she nags a lot but I admire her so much. Her life has been so unbelievable yet she still so strong. She told me that she will leave one day, and I denied it. I told her it won't happen. Because my life will crumble when she does.
merloe merloe
22-25, F
Apr 24, 2014