More Fractures

even more fractured & broken than before. my biological parents were divorced when I was 5. my father & stepmother raised me & my 1 older full blood brother. my father & stepmother were divorced after 30 years. I have not seen my brother in at least 6 years. I have not seen my biological mother or 2 of my 3 half siblings on her side for over 30 years. (I finally re-united with 1 sister 3 years ago). my 2 half siblings on my father's side are at odds & estranged from each other. relations are so tense between my stepmother & my sisters & my brother & my father. I get along with everyone individually, but the story of my life has been a series of disconnected relationships with family & friends. I've been reduced to separate relations with everyone. even now & during my school years, my friends ended up not friends with each other and I had to split my self between. it is a strain. good thing I am strong & independent. still, it is emotionally draining. 

RavenLee RavenLee
46-50, F
Oct 12, 2009