My family is broken. My parents absolutely DESPISE each other but they wont get a divorce. It's such an open subject to talk about because they just hate each other so much and they both know it. Sometimes they even joke about it to my aunt and uncle that they're fed up of each other. They were never in love, it was an arranged marriage. My brother gets into screaming matches with my parents almost every day and I put myself in the middle because I think I can help. I can't escape to my room because my sister claims it and I just can't be alone anywhere. (Not escape from violence just, a mental escape) I cry almost every day and sometimes I just don't feel like doing my homework and I'm getting mediocre grades.
I don't really have any future to look forward to in terms of moving out because in our culture you can't do that. You stay with your parents forever until they're old and frail and you have to take care of them until they pass on.
Don't get me wrong, I love both my parents. But only when they're alone and we're talking one on one. On a good day. Just not when they're together and ESPECIALLY not with my brother around.
I love my brother so much and I try to help him more than anyone. Sometimes I think I know what's best for him more than my parents. And for good reason... but. I'm not a parent and I don't want to be right now. I just want to be a kid. But I just can't with this ******* family. I just can't.
nevergoingtousethis nevergoingtousethis
18-21, F
Apr 14, 2016