Trying To Mend A Broken Heart.

To the one I love, to the one I adore, you will always have my heart, stop smashing it on the floor.  You were the reason I smile, the reason I breath, you were the reason I live.  I miss you much I miss you often, I look around me and feel vacant.  Life hasn't been the same since you left, I will never be able to hold you close and tell you what you mean to me.  Because you wouldn't respond to a call, an email, or a letter if I even tried.  I thought I share with the universe with pride the one last wish I have.  It is to be with you till the universe ends.  I never got to tell you the one thing I wanted most.  For Christmas I was going to do something cheesy.  I was going to buy a huge box and fill it full of all sorts of paper and make it nice and heavy.  I was going to make you think I bought you something big.  But instead I was going to bury at the bottom of it a ring.  A ring so simple but so beautfiul to show you my love.  I was going to ask you to marry me and let me love you for the rest of my life.  But it was not meant to be, everyone in our life together constantly put up road blocks and complications.  We were the victims of too many selfish people and we should have thought of each other just once.  Now you are gone and our life is over.  For the worst pain in the world is that of broken heart and the loss of your one true love.  So it is sad and heavy heart that I say to Tammy Lynn Woodard before you move into the night.  You were my love, my life, my soul, you were my everthing.  Good bye.  I will always love you.
thomasriley99 thomasriley99
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

i am sorry.,..its really terrible. i feel the same way. but nothing can be done to turn back...