Told She Sees Me As A Friend

Meet her 18yrs ago she chatted me up in a pub.
We got married 3 yes later. Had problems over the years but always worked through them. But never any affairs or the like for either of us. Never needed them as the sex life has always been good. The relationship we have I thought ws great we don't live in each others pockets enjoy each others company. And sex still great. But she hardly ever wanted to, so I would do the sensible thong and no push it wait for her and sure enough she would. But a week or so ago she tells me that she doesn't love me the way she should and doesn't fancy me. I still fancy her and love her. I have read about people who love someone that much that they almost feel trapped and can't breathe. This is how I feel but she doesn't want to be with me anymore and I'm completely crushed. My emotions are all over the place sometimes I feel ok then crash down and burst into tears. I know that been with someone that doesn't love you back is not good for me (it's not good for anyone). But how do you fall out of love with someone that is everything to you.
If I read this back I would expect to see it written by someone 16 not in their 40is.
I have been told that I should be with friends and keep myself busy, which I do but when I'm with people I just want to be alone and when alone I feel utterly lonely.
If this is a bit ramberly and not well structured I apologise its just all my thoughts just typed out and my head has all this going round and round every waking hour, it's exhausting
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3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Im sorry that happend :(

So sorry...

Some times people outgrow one another in ways where they find that there is no comonlaity with one another. Every relationship has its risks and we can't know everything about the perosn qwe have fallen so hard for. But from what I had read, the signs were already there. Its easy to see that relationships do get old, but so old that it has dies all of a suddon. It does happen in time.<br />
<br />
There is always hope for your future and its never the end, think of it this way, when a door closes, another will always open, just look for the open door. Who kows maybe there is one out there looking for you