I Don't Know How He Could Do This To Me!

    He loved me, I know he did. I said staring at the sidewalk.
        Are you sure? sam asked.
    Yeah. i answered.
        Then why would he leave you there . . . .  . .in the pouring rain
    I-I don't know
         Kellie, i know its hard but you have to move on, you havn't gotten out of the house for days! You need fresh air.
    Yeah. I thought if i layed here and slept I could make it go away .  . . . .  .
  Kellie, you don't know how much I want to make it go away . . . . . . .make him go away, away from you forever
     Think about it, he never loved you, never
  But-but i thought we had a connection.
      Kellie, don't cry I know.
  But Kellie your being a slave to him, he's just not intersted anymore.
Or maybe , even he was never interested, he a player he says the same things to seventeen girls at a time, to make them all fall for him .
   All seventeen girls love him, all seventeen have a connection.
Make that sixteen Kellie.
kellielovesmusic kellielovesmusic
18-21, F
Jul 12, 2010