What Can I Say ?

What can I say ? His name was Scott. I was kind of shocked at that when I met him, because Scott had always been my favorite name. I had this huge crush on him for over a year, and nobody knew about it, not even my closest friends. At the beginning of the school year, my feelings for him started to get more intense. I had depression, and he was my only hope. But one day, god finally looked down at me and saw what I needed. So that day, November tenth, Scott asked me out. He was just what I needed at the time, some body I could trust and hold on to, some body who cared about me in the way I needed to be cared for. We had a very good relationship that lasted for about 2 1/2 months. I know, not that long, but long enough to really start to develop some intense feelings. He broke up with me, and for about 3 weeks I kept begging him to ask me out. He has recently told me that many days he had wanted me back, but he never asked. He told me that the break up tore him apart too. But what I don't understand is why he would sit there and suffer, instead of just taking me back. So after that 3 weeks, I just told him I didn't like him. That was far from the truth. But I'm glad I said that, even though he now knows I still love him. He's dating some one who used to be a good friend of mine now. He asked her out right in front of me as a "joke". She was such a good friend up until then. Obviously she said yes. I guess the most important thing about a person is what you don't know about them. I learned that the hard way. It still pains me to hear him talk about her. Is he worth it ? To anybody else he wouldn't be, but to me he is. We've been broken up for half a year now, and I still love him just the same, and I'm perfectly okay with it too.
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Sounds like your friend needs a lesson in morals.......you are right though - she shouldn't be your friend considering she saw your suffering while you were down and she has kicked you while you are/were down by accepting his offer.<br />
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Shame on her, but best of luck to you :)