If You Don't Keep Your Eyes To Something Still, You Can Lose Your Balance

"Do you ever put your arms out and spin spin spin really really fast,  make you heart race, turn your world upside and down, but if you are not careful, if you don't keep your eyes to something still, you can lose your balance, you can not see what's happening people around you, you can't see you are about to fall. "      ----from movie "Practical Magic"

Six months love just likes a battle.  He said it's destiny. It's impossible to be together for us.  The reasons are objective --- culture, family, different environment.  It's claimed that we should separate from the beginning.  So I knew I was with him, I was waiting for the deadline.   So I said to him "It's just like I am waiting for execution."   So when the day came,  he left and I stay. 

Dialogue between us:
I: "It's unlucky for us to meet each other. Sometimes I think if you are another guy,  same looking, but slightly different mind.  You would want to be with me.  But you are not.  I am so sad, it's misery." 

He:  "I thought about this also,  it's unfortunate for us."

I: "stay here,  be with me"

He: "I want to go home, be with my family"

Yes, it's a destined battle.  Even I knew the result, I still ran for it.  and finally, I find that I am not strong enough to suffer this.......  and now I fall,  I don't know how long I can stand up again.   

Just want to cry loudly..........

savannasu savannasu
1 Response Jul 21, 2010

I feel your pain.<br />
Its hard but life has to move on.<br />
Believe it or not Im going through more or less the same situation--knowing a relationship wont work and sort of waited for the 'deadline' when i would be finally be able to let him go.<br />
It sucks but you will be alright.. In time.. It will just take time but believe that its gonna get better.<br />
Take care and God bless.