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Hi. This guy and I weren't dating per se, but I feel like I've been dumped.  met him when both of us were kids (he's a little older than me) but I never got to know him until about 4 years ago. We ended up spending a lot of time together because we've got mututal friends, and we realized we had so much in common. He became my best friend (that's saying a lot, because I've always been utterly shy). We talked for hours, we flirted a lot and we were always there for each other. I totally fell for him. One day I spontaneously told him I loved him. He assured me he felt happy whenever he was with me and I felt the same way about him. He said his heart was mine, that he wanted me and stuff like that. Like I said, we weren't dating or anything but the feeling was definitely there. We made plans, we laughed together, we communicated through all means possible. I was blissful: I thought he was "The One". I'd had my heart broken aout 9 months before this but I realized this time was different because the new guy was actually treating me right.  About 6 months after it all started, he said he didn't want our "relationship" (so to speak) to go on because we didn't know each other that well, so he was "breaking up" with me. Obviously, I it killed me. It was so sudden and there had been no reason for it to happen. He starting dating another girl about 2 months after he "broke up" with me and he's still with her. It's been 3 years and I can't fully recover. Sometimes I think people wouldn't take my pain seriously because I'm so young. Thank you for reading this.
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Hi. Thank you for reading and commenting. The only problem is I tried to get another guy and it was disastrous. This friend of mine noticed I was feeling down and thought it would be a great idea to set me up with this guy that she'd known for a while. To be real honest, I accepted because I was desperate and hurting so much. It turns out I showed up at the blind date (I've never done anything like that because I believe I need to have some certainty about the guy in the first place), talked to him and realized he simply wasn't for me. We were way too different. I'm sort of hoping I can fall in love again someday, although I'm quite pessimistic (specially when it comes to matters of the heart). I think I made a mistake. Shouldn't have rushed. Right now I'm dreading the chance of having my heart broken once more. Thanks again.

awww im so sorry. My teacher (the cool kind) once told me "when ur dog dies the best thing to do is get another dog. ur not replacing ur old dog. the new dog is helping to heal ur broken heart." and that wat i think u need to do get another dog! get another man! obviously u cant force someone to like u so y bask in the saddness when u can bask in the happyness? forget about him and meet someone new.