Loving On A Prayer!

I realized this morning that I am constantly picking up the pieces of my broken heart; it is a never ending job and one that I take seriously. I realized that I have been slacking off as of late because when I looked down I find the pieces lying all around me. As I pick up each piece it hurts all over again as I think of what shattered each piece and separated it from the core of me. I pick up the first piece that feels like there is no progression, then the next that reminds me how lonely it can be to be in love.  I see a piece across the room and go to retrieve it, this piece makes me worry that he just doesn’t care. I pick up the piece that reminds me I am not doing enough to prove my worth.  Soon I find many more pieces, the piece that says I'm not doing it right for him; the piece that says we are not done yet and that I will be shattered again before we are; the piece that says I'm tired of being cast aside; the piece that says he still doesn't realize I am head over heels in love with him; the piece that says someone else could do so much better for him but that no one else will ever love him as completely as I do. 

Long after I pick up all the pieces I somehow put them back together again and my heart reminds me that I am whole again, that I have a sweet and special man who feels my love and loves me in return. Although I struggle to stay positive with all the inconsistencies in my life I know that at the end of the day I am loved. I call these moments of doubt my lessons of love for my broken heart.
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Wow fun gal .... I'm kind of speechless... that was heartbreaking and beautiful... I've always enjoyed a bit of funny chat with you... But I guess I'll go to extra lengths to help you smile.. You deserve a lot of love and a lot of smiles ;-)

The most important love and prayer you can do is forgive the one who broke your heart and forgive yourself for loving as hard as you did. For with this forgiveness, it will give you the strength to completely put all the pieces of your heart together and somewhat reinforce it and prepare it to open again to be loved and protected by the one deserving to have and hold your heart.

I am sorry to hear of a person that thinks they can never be reassembled.


muack hehe.....

Awww thanks alejandro. I appreciate you so much. I know you love and care for me and you are a very special friend to me.

Awww thanks alejandro. I appreciate you so much. I know you love and care for me and you are a very special friend to me.

i think u r i love sweet one.... hehe.... stay the course....

I used to try to convince J that he didn't really love me and that it wasn't possible so I understand that completely. Good points. Thanks bunches. ((hugs))

Oh WH! You just said it kind of like he said it. You hit his feelings almost perfectly. I am just so amazed that he could even love me; I hear his voice and suddenly everything is right with the world, or see his smile and I know that I have hope for my future. All I can say is he is amazing and he has me spinning. I am feeling things that I have not felt since high school and it is simply amazing.

Love and time are indeed the right remedy for a broken heart. :) Yay him and Yay you.