You Were Everything To Me My Angel Man

...this was inspired by a song by The Fallen, in using it I hope
they forgive my intrusion on some of their lyrics, but they
fit as I have chosen to change them....

Rest well and heal my Angel man,
Warrior from heaven,
You were everything to me,
that is why I miss you so...

Facing losing you never fades,
never for a second, no matter my smiles,
no matter my foolish heart, in hiding
my darkest pain, in losing you,
I lost me too.

What I wouldnt give to hear your voice
one more time,
What I wouldnt give to laugh with you,
one more time,
What I wouldnt give to see your face,
just once, its been hard to face
my Angel man, that we will never be.

I'm sorry, I thought I was stronger,
You are everything to me...
I can't hold on any longer.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry...I'm so sorry,
I cant hold on any longer.

You see the shelter as the storm,
Holding wind to keep you on,
You are everything to me,
this is why.....
I miss you still, the storm ripped you away,
and is no shelter for me.

Just know that I believed, I believed.
You Are everything to me.
Rest well my Angel man.
I know your heart remembers me.

If tears were memories, I have mine,
I have each and every tiny little tear
holding memories of you, and always will.

You were everything to me.
You always will be everything to me.
I believed, I believed.
Artsydesigns Artsydesigns 31-35, F 9 Responses Aug 15, 2010

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...maybe ....never know Pale..thanks for commenting...")

Oh Artsy (hugs)<br />
I wish I had the words to give you comfort. I believe your love is felt, and returned. There is no need for contact for that to happen. <br />
You are so right. A true love is not something that can be controlled. You can't make yourself begin to love someone, and you can never make yourself stop loving someone. Love happens, and it is. Always.<br />
I hope you are okay, I think of you often and worry, and hope that things get better for you. But I also know you are a strong woman, there are so many people who care about you, and you will be okay. :)

Hi:)!!! Thank-you ..your Auntie is smiling, hugs, good EP nephew of mine to come comment here, awwww *hugs*

destiny, so true,yes that emotional pain, slowly goes, *hugs*...I wish it would heal faster...hehe.. thank you for taking the time to post a wonderful comment;)..but one never loses love for some people not ever...;)<br />
<br />
mslorrie, oh yes, I used to give out such advice as if it were easy but now find, its not that easy, and takes lot more time depending on the depth..yes, thanks for your comment.;)

I have a broken heart and tryin to go on. But its hard like everything else

hi TheMad:)!! Im happy to see your comment, too, so beautiful and wise, thanks;)

*hugs* to all who commented, ..sometimes there just is a light that cannot be denied,and when it shines within the heart and never goes out, you have to face your loving someone always...")

Believe that you have been loved and still are.

I can feel in the words you write your artistic abilities, very powerful my dear thank you for sharing.