Haha I Luagh When I Cry

Wow first broken heart haha The thing is I know it wasnt love because we never met or anything just online. But it was something to me or it wouldnt hurt this bad haha i am cryin a lot but i know in time i will get past it ^^ right now it just really hurts and i need to surround myself with people i love. I need to be strong but its so hard haha I felt like he was the one you know but that imposssible for me to know cause i didnt know him. He has deep issues about relationships because  of his past ones. haha this just hurts so much and i dont know what to do ^^ haha

SacredNightmare SacredNightmare 18-21, F 1 Response Feb 18, 2011

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I think you've already got a good idea of what to do!

You WILL get past it, I promise you!

Surrounding yourself with people you love is one of the best medicines against heartbreak, so is ice cream, even if you're on a diet or something... :)

I know exactly how I feel, and sometimes people carry too much "baggage" into a relationship, so to speak, and they just need to let it go! It's HIS BAGGAGE TO DEAL WITH, though, not yours, so don't try to deal with it!

Sometimes, if the one you love lets go of his "baggage" things will go back to normal, though I wouldn't hold your breath, okay?

You'll make it through this, okay? Feel better! Eat some ice cream (strawberry ice cream is my favorite :P)!