Haha I Luagh When I Cry

Wow first broken heart haha The thing is I know it wasnt love because we never met or anything just online. But it was something to me or it wouldnt hurt this bad haha i am cryin a lot but i know in time i will get past it ^^ right now it just really hurts and i need to surround myself with people i love. I need to be strong but its so hard haha I felt like he was the one you know but that imposssible for me to know cause i didnt know him. He has deep issues about relationships becauseĀ  of his past ones. haha this just hurts so much and i dont know what to do ^^ haha

SacredNightmare SacredNightmare
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1 Response Feb 18, 2011

I think you've already got a good idea of what to do!<br />
You WILL get past it, I promise you! <br />
Surrounding yourself with people you love is one of the best medicines against heartbreak, so is ice cream, even if you're on a diet or something... :)<br />
I know exactly how I feel, and sometimes people carry too much "baggage" into a relationship, so to speak, and they just need to let it go! It's HIS BAGGAGE TO DEAL WITH, though, not yours, so don't try to deal with it!<br />
Sometimes, if the one you love lets go of his "baggage" things will go back to normal, though I wouldn't hold your breath, okay?<br />
You'll make it through this, okay? Feel better! Eat some ice cream (strawberry ice cream is my favorite :P)!