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My " Boyfriend " Finished Me

I was cheated by my "boyfriend" .... it's been almost 2 and 1/2 years.......He lied everything about him......He was married n having affirs with lots of girls.....may be involved with call girl also....He still want to marry me ....He always told that I am sexy...beautiful....He loves me so much...blah..blah... Now I am feeling so I realise he just wanna marry me for sex and money

.I had sacrifise so many things for him....I had to go to college at morning…. I  came back  from my college at evening......I have to complete my study....I  can't sleep  because of him. he had night shift sometimes ( he told me  that )....he gave me missed call  at  night. n  I had to wait for it  till midnight....After getting missed call  I called back him and we talked at night......sometimes he told me he want to sleep  for 1 hour and  i  need to call him after 1 I was sitting in front of clock  to wake him up exactly after 1 hour ... I had to go to college next day....still I did this for him ...I was madly in love... 
I saved my  money for tifin ...I didn't eat anything  whole day in college....didn't  took a bus but  returned home walking.....and lied  to my mom  to give him money
I sacrifice my god carrer option for him. I  sacrifise my dream carrer even. At that time it does not seem to me   “ I AM  SACRIFICING  “    because  I  loved him soooooo much.

He asked several times for physical intimacy.....I did'nt agree but I felt guilty sometimes for that....Few month ago he told again .... We had a quarrel....then i said ok.......But I didn't mean sex ....He forced me to have sex..... He  put my dress up  forcefully.....then  opened my bra.....I didn't expect  it  at all.... it was so fast  I didn't understand anything....then he  throws  his body over me.....I  realise I could  do nothing If he did anything....He was too strong.....
I was begging him n    crying.....He licked  tears   running down my face  n kissed all over my body and embrace me tight...and kissed again and again...
then  I felt  he  puts his  pants a little down....I  felt  his ****  on me...I felt so bad..
Then I realized   what  was   comming ..... I was afraid of pain, pregnancy....lots of mom told me not to do this .....I applied  all  my  power  and  pushed  him.....He  asked  then...Will  u  let  me   or not ?? I  firmly said  no....he was soo angry.....I  said then I  love you  but  I can't do it now.. he said it's ok....but  next time I have to  give myself  completely  to  him...He does not  care about me at all.  Only thing he cares about   was  his physical satisfaction . He told  I have to satisfy him.
I didn't say anything.........He told me  he was virgin , he  was waiting for me  for  almost 2 and 1/2 years   n   he can't  control  himself  anymore....I  felt that  he loves me so much that he sacrifices  his virginity  for  these years.....

now  I    am so depressed, so insulted.... he could gift me lots of deseases (STD) !!!!
I am still virgin . I felt sooooooo  insulted that  I was naked in front of him once. I  just can't  breathe at night   now. I  want to kill him  with a chopper…I  can   give myself  to that  person  who truly loves me , cares about me, respect  my opinion  may be he is not agree with me…but respect that….He doesn't  deserve me n my love at  all.
 I was  genuine from the very beginning  . I didn't care how much gift he gave me ..I just expect ture heart.  He  didn't  even  gave me small earings, flower, didn't wish me happy birthday.....At the begining he gave me  chocolate, on my first birthday  in this relation he gave me gift....that was formality.....coz when he realise I  didn't  care about those....He  behave  he is luckly he didn't have to spend money for me rather I gave him money every time......He pretend too busy  if I asked him about  birthday  wishing.....I don't like to force anyone.....u can't get love forcefully...If  i  forced he can gave me gift but I think no spontinuous heart is involved in I didn't need in that way.....I thought  he was my soul mate…..our eternal love……we’ll live together till we die n we’ll die together……I was soooo childish  !!!!! 

I  knew  all  about him from another  person  who  knows about  both of us……He  told me that  he doesn’t   have  my number  otherwise he   would inform me all about these n  warrened  me  not to get involved  with him…….he is a 3rd class guy…. I would be senseless  if  I  heard  all about him…… my  “  boyfriend  “ is a cheater….. he cheated  on different people……….so many girls……his father  married second time an younger girl  n  lived in another place….but my  “   boyfriend  “   told me that  his father  was  missing for 7 years  n they consider him dead .
My  “  boyfriend  “  even misinformed about me to that person (  he is like my elder brother  )   that  I knew all about  my “ boyfriend “  n about  his marriage  n affairs   still I want to continue with him  to have fun !!!!!!      I was shocked .

I   told  him that  my  “  boyfriend  “  took huge amout of money  almost everytime for different reasons……mom’s operation, someone’s cancer…….lots  of   reasons.
He told me all those are  nothing but  fake stories….He is a lier…cheater….he adviced  me to  stay away from him  n stop contacting  him…  “  boyfriend  “  cheated  on  him also….He also told me that  my  “  boyfriend  “'s   wife  can not be pregnant  n can’t be a mother….she is the  main earning member in his family……Now I understand  why  my “  boyfriend  “ want to marry  me….for  sex,  baby,  my  good job….
He would   torture  me If he married me.
My “ boyfriend  “  recently  bought  bike….he informed  me about it…n asked  me to pay  the E.M.I……I   paid it every  month  gladly  coz I was doing it for my  boyfriend .

When I told  him  that  I paid the   E.M.I   then  he informed me  it’s my  “  boyfriend “’s
wife  who  took  loan  for his bike…..she made the down payment   I guess now….n  I paid  the E.M.I…..
 I don’t   know  whether  my  “  boyfriend  “  is involved  in some  **** business …… I  didn’t asked  him .
He told me that   he called  me sister so he will protect me  from  my  “  boyfriend  “ n  I can call him  anytime  if I need  to talk to him .He adviced  me to concentrate on my carrer   right now  n forget the whole as soon as possible  that will help me….he told me I am still a child. I didn’t  know  how the real world  is  behaving…
I don’t want to hurt my parents…  I am felling pretty much pain in my heart......He called me continuously for past 2 months from different numbers but I didn't pick it up.....
  I don’t know  what  u  are thinking about me.....what   type of girl   I am…..I don’t want  to   marry anyone in my whole life….coz  I’m afraid to get involved…… It  hurt  sooooooo much……I know all  the people are not same but still  I hate boyes  now. I  just  wanna  go back to mom's womb ...... that's  the only  safest  place  in the world for me... no one can  harm there........I think  I should die....can  anyone  tell me  what was my fault  ???? 
richa12345678 richa12345678 22-25, F 20 Responses Apr 1, 2011

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Richi Nothing Is Your Fault.<br />
<br />
He Cheated You and Used You a tool<br />
<br />
Nothing Your Fault Forget about It <br />
<br />
Live Life Normally as best as You Like <br />
<br />
Go To New Places like bring you news memories and change your mind<br />
<br />
Have Hope, Courage, Like for Tomorrow<br />
<br />
Please Don't Feel What hadn't happen to you<br />
<br />
Believe in God he will Definitely Punish him<br />
<br />
Love What you Do And Keep Smiling :-) :-)<br />
<br />
And Maintain Positive B+

Whatever your experience was, move over it, get positive... Learn some, but don't develop a hatred for men etc... I think you would have overcome it by now from 2011.. I am happy you pushed him away when he tried to force himself... Keep a balanced approach and also a keenly analytical view of people and their behaviour.. I hope your previous experience helps you in spotting early warning signals from such people.. Of course, there are decent gentlemen too, so don't lose hope..


it was not your was young love...andha pyar kisi ke liye...kher ab to tu theek<br />
<br />
muj se dosti kar le...faide me rahegi...hmmmmm.......take care....richa...


@UpOnDaRoof -- i'm 23.....yes , I know " Whatever you sacrificed...hopefully can be regained." <br />
i won't come into contact with a guy like this anymore . Thank you

Whoa...this story makes me so angry! No it's not fricken your fault. It's that *******'s fault! Nothing is more important than trust between a couple. But he's broken your trust, his wife's trust, his children's' trust, the list goes on... The bright side to this, because I believe you have to find a bright side to everything, is that you found out before you made some monumental decision that you could not recover from. You're only between 22-25 years of age. Whatever you sacrificed...hopefully can be regained. If're not too old to start a new. I hope you do and I HOPE that you never come into contact with a guy like this again.

how old was this guy? and how did u guys meet?

27 or 28 ....idk....just what he told me .......he didn't live far away from my house

hey dear,<br />
Tho v dont kno each other bt i do realiz wt u r upto.. n one thin i'll tell u dat it was not u who cheated him nor he who cheated u.. it was a lesson for u from god so that nevr in future do anythin against ya parents.. parents are d most caring peolpl 4 us in dizz world.. n y r u tinkin urself as guilty hmmm.. just forget evritin yaar.. Past ia past.. Present mei jiyo aur life ko enjoy karo.. ""Din aate hai.. din jaate hai.. raaton mei aur tanhaion mei bas yaadein saatati hai.."": apne aap ko itna beebas karlo ki tum kabhi akele hi na raho.. itni khush raho ki zindagi jale tumhari khusiyo se..:-).. n D best way to forget things is betr u dont involve ya mind in idoitic useless YAAAAADEIN... Zindagi na milegi dobara.. Picture ab baaki hai meri dost... N Baby u r doin M.Tech yaar.. u shud be proud of urself u kno... Just chuck it n chiilllllllllllll... k chal i gonna sign out or els my boss will screw me...

i like those lines.....all the other do what you have written ...i actually couldnt do it in my life -- " itni khush raho ki zindagi jale tumhari khusiyo se.."...always thought what ppl surroundings will expect from me , what should i do for them......and thanks for the msg.......all my cousin and friends are so proud when they are getting job or doing higher study , they announce themselves .........which i never did , i just replied calmly ya i got job or ya , im doing M.Tech...if anyone asks me , that's why ppl thought its not that good.....then why she is not overwhelmed ? Even last day we had practical class , sir even told me i was looking sick , tensed , nervous, and i was not looking lively like other girls , seems like anything happened to me ....or your too shy.......then asked me why i was not laughing like others ? i should practice laughing louder .....then all other friends laughed...... it was so embarrassing to me then i smiled , but he told its just forced smile !!

Im sorry that u have treated like that by your boyfriend...move on, leave him, you deserve better, you deserve love from another person who really mean it...its all not your fault dear...

thank you

you are very lucky to be away from this poor excuse of a man ... all people should be treated with respecr that they deserve ..... add me to your friends please

You know Richa- while reading this I felt your pain bcuz a similar thing happened to me - but this GF found every excuse in the book to borrow more money for everything= promises to payback and never did- she stole my heart and buried it after she emptied my entire bank account and ruined my life-I hate liars and cheats too.....

im so sorry to hear it , and thanks so much for reading it

@salutingpole -- i'm so sorry about your friend . Thanks anyway..yeah , i'm trying to look at those bright sides ..

Hey Richa,<br />
<br />
Look at the brighter side. Nothing really happen, what all could have happened!<br />
I think you have braved it quite well. Life can be more cruel. My friend was raped by her own husband and later divorced after two years! She is still single...<br />
Put yourself together, we will catch for a chat later.

@ MasterSquid....thank you

I am sorry that you have been treated like this. No one deserves to be. I understnad how it feels as my son's lie about everything, but I am greatful to be rasing my son and look forward to the day of meeting someone worthy of my trust, respect and love.<br />
<br />
You are a beautiful and wonderful person and I am sure that you find a true love when the time is rite.

@ ctnandu.....I'm now so much suffering.....but yeah...It could have been much worse.......thank you

:( I guess u r very lucky to have realised his true colours. Else ur life would have been doomed. But its truly heart shattering. Good u got rid of that looser. To even comprehend what would have happened if u got married to him is .......(loss of words). <br />
All I can say is take care. Be positive for the future.

@bluie19 ....OMG !! I am so sorry bluie19 for what happened to your friends.....he was really good guy i think coz he didn't even disturb her in future ,,didn't even tried to finish this girl who ruined his life !!!! <br />
May be truth wins !!! <br />
I believed this also. But now actually i can't think like that.....i have seen and faced lots of fake people most of the times ....So, i feel bad ppl are much more in this world. Anyways thanks a lot for thinkin bout me so deeply .

@FindingMyVoice--thanks a lot dear FindingMyVoice<br />
People really take advantage trusting women

I'm so sorry you went through all this. While reading your story, i remember a friend of mine, a guy actually, he was cheated by his gf for almost 13 years, they were about to get married and we came to know she is already married. It was tough for all of us, he was shattered. Compelety taken advantage of, but he managed to stand up, and walk and after half a year he moved on, and today he is in a way way better position than her. <br />
Eventually truth wins..<br />
Please be strong, you haven't done anything wrong. All you need to do is to learn from this and be careful. Love is beautiful, so please don't let a bad experience make you NOT feel it again.<br />
Applause to you, that you resisted him when you didn't want to get physical, not many have the courage to stand up to it. :)<br />

You didn't do anything wrong (you were naive) and its not your fault that you fell for him. So stop blaming yourself and be more careful in the future. Do something to protect yourself, change your phone number so he doesn't bother you. Some people are just scumbags and not everyone is like him. You will find happiness again, so cheer up and try to smile.