No Closure

Abandoned, oh so suddenly.
Lied to
Anger, regret
The silly little cries.

Abandoned, oh so suddenly.
The closure that I needed.
Is it safe to finally say farewell?

There was no last bow.
Where was the closure that I needed?

" Music on repeat, in my head

of you and I, the smiles - Oh we were

so happy!

Teenage love, rather delusional

Our first child was beautiful

Our house was square-white, perfect

with speckled flowers

The silly little fights, how I wish I

ended it then.

Because the truth is, I remember you,


Your pathetic gesture when you plead 

for me to hold on. My regrets, my

regrets only

I need, crave a closure.

Silly little boy"


What were we building on?

Design by heart
A secret deceit
A foundation of lies
A frame of false faces/hope
A structure, crumbling
Cemented delusions
Her heart,breaking
Love is false

Abandoned, oh so suddenly

beautifulbynature beautifulbynature
18-21, F
Jun 3, 2011