Melancholy Oblivion

She meant everything too me, and i thought i meant the world too her. She was a person i confined in.a person i thought that i needed more than anyone or thing in this world. I loved her so passionately, that it hurts now too recall those days. I felt like i was in heaven or in some kind of dream that i hoped i would never wake up. but nothing good lasts forever. I had committed myself fully too her and one day she just decides too pack up and leave me. she never explained too me why or even gave me and ultimatum or proper explanation as too why she was abandoning me.She broke my heart,after promising me she never would do such a thing. I was a damn fool.i believed all her beautiful lies.we where gonna make a life together, have children, die old, we had both talked about these thing in great detail, and too hear her break all of the promises she made and too have her so blatantly and nonchalantly take back all those beautiful words she had uttered, made me feel such strong pain and anger. I never once hurt her, never once made her change for me, i loved everything about her, faults and burdens all. I had accepted her completely for who she was.and she forsakens me withouth any just cause, without proper reason or any damn excuse. After the whole ordeal, i am left with nothing. i feel nothing. i feel so damn empty inside. its been 3yrs now, and it still hurts as if it had happened yesterday. Its so hard too ***** with me at night.i hate those happy memories.
VoloNoscere VoloNoscere
26-30, M
4 Responses Jun 11, 2011

Yes understand completely

I know how you felt.I'm experiencing it rite now.....fall out from heaven straight to hell.Talk to me if you like.I'm trying to pull myself back.I wish you are doing it too.Be strong,xo

Yes. I felt the same way. People in love always make promises. And if the promises are broken, it really hurts. Damn painful.

I'm so sorry. People are all too cruel to steal your heart, makes loving promises only to abandon you.