Poems Of Heart Broke

You were my best friend,
You were my first kiss,
You were my first love,
You were my everything.

So how does it feel,
to crush my heart,
to let me die slowly?
Why did you cheat?
Was it worth my heart ache?

Was I too weird?
Was I not enough?
Why couldn't I be good enough?
How did it feel to leave me?
To slam out of my world?
To see my heart statter.

You made excuses,
You said I was too young,
which makes no sense,
your the same age.
Couldn't you say,
How much you were sorry,
before you destroy my life?
You shouted at me,
blame it all on me,
as if I forced you,
to cheat on me.

Can't we go back?
To when everything was simple?
When we didn't fight or worry.
If I jumped off a roof,
would you even care?
Would you say sorry?
Or would you be happy, to get rid of the guilt?

I can't get over you,
your inside my head,
unable to remove.
Don't you feel the same?
Don't you feel as if your dying?
Can't get you out of my head,
you call me crazy,
you call me stupid,
you leave me crying on the floor.

Why do I like you?
Love is meant to be simple,
it was till you kissed another,
you saw my eyes as they leaked,
you saw my heart skip a beat.
Was it your plan,
to ruin my heart?

I can't move on,
I feel as if you took my heart,
there is a empty hole in my heart,
it is killing me,
slowly but surely.
I try to hate you,
its impossible,
If i died,
it couldn't hurt more than what you did,
to my young heart.

So this is my goodbye,
I wish you the best,
I think its time,
to let you go.
I burnt your pictures,
I have ignored your calls,
I tried to patch my heart,
you were my first,
you may be my last.
Hope you the best,
hope you a nice life,
without me.

Kiss you one last time,
love you forever,
hate you never,
whisper bye,
before i turn away,
I leave you my heart,
till the day,
it repairs.

Goodbye my love,
you were my first kiss,
my first everything,
my first goodbye.
I miss you,
I'll never forget you,
you will forget me,
hold you in my mind forever,
Bye my first love..........................

mysteryteen mysteryteen
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 14, 2011

And remember that your love for him was as God meant it.The world will tell you that 'this sort of thing just happens" It is wrong.Read what the bible tells us about Firts Love in Mal 2:13 - 16.Also in Proverbs 4:23 and Song of Songs 2:7;3:5 and 8:4.<br />
And remember the only way you can get him out of your mind is with anger.Even though it may not last for ever.But when you think of hikm,send him to hell in your own thoughts,so to speak.When his name comes up,spit,You have my permission to do that - I was in your postion for 40 years of my life.

It's ironic to me to read this. You're so young in comparison to myself, but judging from these words, we've shared the same kinds of thoughts, questions and feelings in the wake of heartache. <br />
<br />
I know this will sound strange, but my advise for you would be to cherish these feelings. Let yourself experience them to their fullest and never regret having loved, cared, or given of yourself. That alone makes the pieces of your "shattered" heart priceless gems that you can be proud of, rather than ashamed or remorseful of. <br />
<br />
One of life's most difficult lessons to learn is that love and pain are conjoined. You cannot have one without the other.. but they give meaning to each and every experience we face in life and ultimately, they form the very best of what we become -- if we allow them to. <br />
<br />
Chin, up. Better days lie ahead. :)