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I'm only 17. I'm a black, 120 pound girl. And i'm going through the worst experience. I just dont know what to do anymore... I know i'm young but i would love some advice from other people.
About four months ago me and my bf of two years broke up. We were supposed to get back together, i broke up with him cuz we were fighting a lot. We were in love. We had plans to get married and spend our lives together. I know it sounds silly because we were young but i really was in love with him. But to make a long story short, he lied to me and left me for my "bestfriend" he put me through so much. For about a month after we broke up he was telling me he loved mee and wanted to spend his life with me but he was with my bestfriend behind my back. And the day that i found out about it, he told me he didnt love me anymore. I just wanted to die. I was depressed for about a month i hardly ate, i overdosed on meds a lot of bad stuff. Ive gotten better. A lot better. Its been about four months since the break up. But i am still not over him. Im still hurting and i still would do anything to get him back in my life. I just wish he loved me still, like i love him. Idk what to do. I know he doesnt feel the same way about me and that just rips me apart. I wish i could just forget about him and move on.
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Thank you all so much. It really is nice to have someone care and not judge me for being "stupid" and hanging on too long. Encouraging words and advice really help. So thank you soo much it really does mean a lot to me.

First of all, girl, your weight doesn't matter.

I get it. I was 17 when I broke up with my bf and we also had plans to get married. I trusted him which is not easy because of my past, and I broke up because the f-ed up relationship just was taking its toll on me. Him cheating was the last straw. After we broke up he did all he could to make my life hell as if I was to blame. He also told me he didn't love me and flaunted his new gf around and sent me copies of texts to her and pics. I know it hurts to be told by the guy you love he doesn't love you. I had to throw away my phone because he kept harassing me, getting my new numbers, bashing me on facebook, to our mutual friends, etc.

You breaking up with him because of fighting is a good thing. Love YOU over any guy, girl. You're smart to have ended it because it would have only gotten worse.

Him saying he didn't love you SHOWS how he really felt the whole time. You can't just stop loving in a snap. I know it hurts to read this, but it's true. He's immature and doesn't know what love is. You deserve better and WILL get better in the future.

You're still not over him? I'm sorry, dear, but it's not speedy. You won't forget right away. It's been over a year and I'm still hurt. But life goes on. I've gone on. You will go on. You will laugh and smile and live your life. The pain will be there, but it's also a lesson. It'll teach you to watch out for the behavior he had in other guys so you don't end up in a similar relationship. Trust me, the pain will get easier to bear. You're not alone. We all go through it. Women and men.

To help forget him, burn any pictures, notes, gifts, etc. And don't harm your body because of him. It's not worth it. Show him you're strong and don't need him to have a fulfilling life.