well.. this is the first time im gonna write about this.. im a 28 yr old lesbian, or maybe im just a 28 yr old girl who happen to love A girl. she's my first - been together since we were 18. and now, sadly she's gone and right when we parted ways, someone already occupied my side of the bed. im not gonna go on as to what happened but the long of the story is now im living alone with our dog (at least im happy about that) so im now trying to lick my wounds, trying to move on and picking up my sorry *** because frankly, being someone since that long and suddenly losing it is hard.
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You just gotta keep moving forward...<br />
<br />
There will be days, but just know that it gets easier... =)

Hi.<br />
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I'm 40 and also a lesbian. I was with my girlfriend for 17 years. She just left me. She says she is in love with someone else. So I can relate to how you're feeling. I know how hard it is. The sadness, loneliness...expecting her to be by your side but she's not. It's hard to comprehend. Women develop such strong emotional connections with each other that it seems so hard to move forward. <br />
<br />
BUT<br />
<br />
We must. We have to pick ourselves up, go out, meet new people, stay close to family and/or friends and love ourselves. If you feel like talking, I'm here.

I'm so sorry, but I know you can move on to a better way of living

thank you very much.. :-)