I Loved Him..

Its been 2 months since me and him broke up... and I feel like sh**

It started out as friends.. then we both began to like eachother, which quickly grew into love soon. We were crazy about eachother and talked every single day.

Until this girl named Kady came into the picture, she also 'loved' my boyfriend... and would seriously do everything to steal him away from me, like yelling at me and telling me that he doesn't love me. I chose to ignore her, and moved on,

Then I figured out that my boyfriend loves Kady as well... I was heartbroken, but I said nothing (I was afraid he would get mad...) 

Then the relationship with them began to be serious, they sexted eachother... and have sexual conversations around me, I was VERY VERY heartbroken, but yet I said nothing. I loved him too much to break up.

Then he stopped talking to me for three weeks, I would try and try to talk with him, he ignored my every message.

Then he broke up with me for Kady, I was in tears.

Kady felt bad for me and broke up with him.

I dont know what to do.. I feel horrible, I really do love him.  
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1 Response Nov 1, 2011

I feel for you. All you want is answers, and love, and to keep that person in your life but they're too selfish to realize or care what they did to you. I'm so sorry; my boyfriend broke up with me just so he could sleep with some chick at a party!! I'm sick everyday because I love him and want him back; I also feel like I don't know what to do. I go through every day, wondering what I was lacking for him... I cry and wonder why he just won't talk to me!!! I'm sorry :(