How To Heal A Broken Heart

if you  want to be an instant billionaire, forget developing a new sophisticated computer soft. All you need to do is make a pill that makes a broken heart disappear forever. I will buy it. I wish there was a switch in your head that to turned off so that you didn't have to love a person who doesn't care any more. Life can be like a prison when you are in love alone. You cant do anything. Its like forgetting how life was before you met your heart breaker. drunken texting in the middle of the night saying how you cant live without him and sudden outbursts when you hear that song.

Having hit rock bottom myself so many times, I want to share what worked for me those few times i managed to get up. Firstly you have to find a way to love yourself.  you have to be full of yourself. treat yourself, buy yourself a little gift. Exercise, it makes you feel and look great. make yourself busy with work or learn a new language. smile wen you feel like crap, dance like no body is watching. Quite listening to those sad love songs and switch them with moving on songs. Cut all contacts with your heart breaker, no texts, no face booking, no emails, no calls NOTHING!!  There is nothing you can say to a  man who has made up his mind to move on. Those poetic speeches people in movies do at the airport to stop someone from leaving never work.

Remember getting over someone is like a war, its not going to be done over night, the harder you try the sooner its done. No one will fight it for you. It takes persistence determination and will power. Don't run away and hide at home with comfort food all day long. Get up and get your life back.                  
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wise words all the best

I agree, and I think all those romantic movies and books - really have us growing up misguided in what happens in real life. We all expect and hang on to the hope they will come back saying they made the mistake of their lives leaving, but truth be told - thats just the movies. They wouldnt have left if they didnt want to :(<br />
I am going to try very hard to stop listening to the songs that make me long for him, and move on with my life without him in it!

thanx aurorashower u are the best

Thank you for that awesome wisdom. Your so right, those movie airport scenes, rarely if ever are real life reality. It takes time to shovel out of that miserable hole, but getting your YOU back will help your mojo return, and heal from all that crappy pain. Excellent post