Love, it will do some strange ****** up **** to a person.  I was feelin so great and was on cloud nine all the time.  Now it hurts, my heart hurts so bad, each time I think of what happend I start to cry.  I hate it, why am I one of those type of people to fall in love so fast and then get hurt in the end.  I have to get through this some how, and I know that taking a bunch of pills isn't the answer, but it helps take the pain away.  I know (that you two will probably read this, but I want you too), that I still love her, T, and I will always love u C, no matter what.  I know I just came into the situation at the wrong time.  But C, don't worry about me, I'm strong and will adventually get through it, even though it rips away at my heart.  You know that I would have never hurt you if we could have become a couple.  But I understand what you are goin through and how hard it must be.  T, I just hope that you can give her what she needs, cuz I know that I could/can/will what ever it comes down too.  She is so amazing and perfect and should be treated great and like a woman.  I sit here with tears in my eyes thinkin of a way that things could/would be different, and wish they were. 

T, I'm sorry that this has all happend, and that it hurt u so bad too.  But now I have that pain also.  Its a crazy lil thing called love, and it sure can **** with a person.  C, I still love you, and like I have said before will......well you know what I will do for you, and that is till the end.  I promis you that much, till the end, cuz you are so worth it.  Just think about all the things that we have talked about, and all that other stuff all came from the heart and will stay there for a long time.

Anyway, its gonna be a long 3 days now...but what am i to do, hell who knows, maybe take a road trip to where ever, just keep drivin till i run out of gas. 

laidbackcat28 laidbackcat28
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1 Response Feb 26, 2007

I feel for you! When I was your age I too would fell head over heels for the one I thought to be for me. Then it would happen. I be alone crying feeling sorry what went wrong I would ask? It's us because life isn't fair we need love in our life! We need to belong if we are the ones giving or taking we need it. So that is why we are almost always alone except for that 1 or 2 special times. We can always support each other but be alone in doing it. Good luck and do not drive off stay safe.