Its Sorta Topsy Turvy

sometimes in life u kinda sit on a chair motionless not knowing when to stop thoughts that keep flowing in one moment and then it breaks and u give a grum and say puhfffff!!!... then she messages , i wanna ell her how breathless i am for her and that i wanna marry her cuz she makes me wanna live my life , but what thought is there fo someone who doesnt know how it feels to be loved when the person whom u love , loves someone else making the whole scene in a whole creamy yet sour tasted pie that appears to be uncooked but enjoyable in its pasty molten state that doesnt quite make it a browny but makes it a treat like something that a third grader just cooked up in a cooking class with no idea WHatsoever that it wld be the luckiest day in his life that he wld make the most tastiest dish of his life and with seemingly wonderful enthusiaSm and escTatic joy he turns around to notice that hes not a boy anymore , neither did he have a cooking class at school , and neither was his life filled with moments that make him special , just another loser typin his loneliness in a blog that appears to be the only thing that he turns to when he becomes sad and confused and doesnt know when his life is gonna surprise him with **** so hard that rocks will surrender the intensity of pain . the pHysics at which i am applying the finger point load on my keyboard was what i promised myself that  wouldnt put a full stop and would keep typin on , what does that teach me , apart fRom the fact that my writing is illiterate of when and where to put commas ............ or the numerous fullstops........ that how much ever troublesome anyone is they finally break ff to dance like michael jackson with moves of beyoncé and hip hop music of sean paul GIMME THE LIGHT!
vipinkadavil vipinkadavil
Jan 25, 2012