I Am Kind of Heart Broken Right Now

I don;t know a day that goes by when I don;t feel the heart break of wasting 13 years waiting on someone who has clearly moved on.
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but i found my way and now am getting married

i once loved a man who never loved me

im so sorry ...but now is the time to Love You ...you love him fine ..but you must come first last and always ..in any thing you do ...no more living a lie ...waiting and waiting for something that's never going to happen ...cut your losses and move on to someone who will love only you want only you ......and you will be happy again

I am twice divorced because I made the fatal mistake of believing in people...your life is about you and you alone..those you meet along the way supplement you....

i'm going thru a break up as we speak. today was day 1 after 1.5 yrs, and my only other relationship was 10 yrs with my ex-wife. so i know exactly how you feel, having been with someone for so long and all of a sudden they're gone. even if you see it coming there's no preparing for when it actually ends. i also know that you find little solace in the words of others right now.

best advice i can give is focus on you. make a major lifestyle change. something to keep you busy while bettering yourself. i went back to school and changed careers. as cliche as it is, time heals all wounds, but i know it doesn't feel like that now.

I'm with you...I think that's gonna be my future situation. Utter loneliness.

I so admire you though. That shows how much you truly love this one.

Jesus bless you.

like me.. I'm still waiting on someone who has already "MARRIED" ... but I still love her.. :(

your day will come to be happy! I don't know your religious views but I believe that god has a plan for everyone and he has someone special planned out for each and every one of us! he will come along for you, trust! stay strong <3

waitinintimetoo your not alone, I feel your pain, and know that I empathize. I have been in an 8 year-something-don't know what you call it-and what hurts most is when you have to let go of the hope of things turning around. being in a relationship for that long-you loose part of yourself-because you've shared it with someone else. It hurts like hell, I know, I am going to start sorting my life out this year, try shift focus onto you, your life, your happiness, what used to make you happy, what did you enjoy? journalling helps, and even therapy, but we are also all here-you are not alone

You have so succinctly articulated what so many of us feel. You are not alone and I am telling you that so many of us understand your pain and wish that we could take it away so that you can smile and move on. We know that it is not easy; knowing that the one we love has moved on is NEVER easy. You are not alone! I wish you the very best.

So sorry to hear that, what was the situation that lead to such heartbreak? what do yo feel happened? what is his sign and yours astro speaking.

13 years...

oh my god! YOu must really loved that person! 13 years of waiting! so sorry to hear that really i am. I just wish that there's some kind of "elixir" to cure the pain of all borken hearted people(including me) so that we won't suffer that much:(

Sometimes you have to let go of your pain and anxiety and tell yourself “today’s going to be a great day”. It doesn’t matter if he calls and tells me he loves me, or if he calls and tells me he hates me, because my self worth is placed in myself. It’s uncomfortable and awkward to stop feeling sorry for yourself, but if you leave that place and put a smile on I promise you you’ll have a better than you would if you were waiting around for someone. You are beautiful, you are perfect, you are more than enough, and there’s a guy waiting to love you. He’ll chase you and there’s nothing you can do that will make him leave. But none of that matters because today is YOUR day and it doesn’t belong to anyone else.

=( ... ... ... this person does not deserve the energy you are putting into them. It's time for you to move on ... ... ...

13 years? i cannot imagine your pain........ you've got lots of strength, though in pain.... God bless u........

omg 13 years? wow im so so so sorrry i know how you feel though. i'm deeply in love with someone too who has moved on. i hope this feeling doesnt last that long for me. Whats your story? what happened in the relationship?

omg 13 years? wow im so so so sorrry i know how you feel though. i'm deeply in love with someone too who has moved on. i hope this feeling doesnt last that long for me. Whats your story? what happened in the relationship?

That's terrible. I'm sorry that happened to you =(<br />
stay strong.

Oh...13 YEARS!!!!!!<br />
I understand ur pain......if u still want him....Let him go...dont plead...mind it dont plead....it will not only Make him go fartger from u bt...it will also tarnish ur identity...urself u.<br />
Find out ways...call him not so oftenly...do xactly wats opposite to wat he xpects from u. He will b surprised to c this personality of urs...call him as friend...try to show that u understand his thots...and appreciate in ur communication...give him space....<br />
show him that u r strong...emotionally...infact emotionally strong to handle his emotions...<br />
He will feel weak one day and will feel ur need...and will come back....back to u...GO TRY!<br />

Wow I totally agree with aces4battle. I wish you well. Sending you lots of light. No experience is totally in vain. There is something to be learnt here and you're an amazing treasure trove of wisdom right now. I wish you well and youre obviously an amazing patient woman to have dealt with whatever you dealt with for such a long time. Sending you light and peace and happiness.((((hug)))))) (-:

Sometimes, that is how experience is created, through what went wrong, and what to look out for in not to say or do in any circumstances. You have quit a treasury of love and experience to offer a guy, so dress up to seduce and get back out there and enjoy.

13 years is such a long time... I'm sorry. Does the other person know you feel this way?