You've Touched And Broke My Heart.

I stumbled upon a story we've shared. . .  we both wrote a comment. I was so in love, but too shy to show. But you were so bold that it felt good reciprocating. I read. . . and tears just fell from my eyes. How can love be so cruel. I wished you've never reached out, started and end it all your way. So unfair. I should have been left alone. Never have to fall in love.
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I love the content in this story because i have the similar questions to ask and same wishes to make. "I wish you had never reached out"

just go to the bar a hooked-up on the 1st man you see.

Lady Ryan, im sorry u felt the pain of love but let me tell you something, the lesson u learned is invaluable<br />
He wasnt the right guy but if that hadnt happened, youd never be able to recognize the right guy when he comes<br />
Leave the sorrow and pain behind, take the lesson with u, and be prepared for your prince charming like he is getting prepared for u and only u, so destiny says

Thank you Awesomecube, and you could be right. He was not the right guy after all. And often than not, I bumped into men who seem to be not the right guy. So sad. **sigh** AC thank you honestly for the warm words, sorry for whinning here. teehee^^

this is not whining, this is sharing feelings
shared joy is double joy, shared sorrow is half the sorrow

if u just keep ur feelings to urself, u will end up getting gloomier and u will fail to understand what happened from a neutral point of view

there r a lot of stretched hands willing to help each other, dont keep ur hands to urself :)

I've gone tired. Trusting is no longer in my system. I try focus on something else, and I'm sure it would help me find peace, both in real and online friendships.

i guess u r rushing too fast into trust. It takes time to build trust, and by time i dont mean clocks ticking, i mean tests and experiences, u can know someone for years but u only discover who he really is when there r conflicting interests whereas someone else uve known for a much shorter time, will show his worthy respect by acting nobly in a situation of conflicted interest

I hope you're right, and find me wrong. I really do hope you're right. Thanks AC.

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Love means risking heart break...As painful as it is and as hard is it is to move on....You owe it to yourself and your future soulmate not to give up on love....At least not yet. Your too young and beautiful...inside and out to give up on one of lifes greatest pleasures and reward. I'm sorry your hurting but Love as in all things in life are a risk. Good Luck Hon....

Thank you Hunnydips. Thanks for your kind words.

i am sorry that somebody broke your heart... i pray you meet the right person soon...

Thank you Deeepsea.

A shoal of nightstars hang fire in the nets<br />
And the chaos of cages where the crayfish lie<br />
<br />
Where is the fisherman, where is the goat?<br />
Where is the keeper in his carrion coat?<br />
Eclipse on the moon when the dark bird flies<br />
Where is the child with his father's eyes?<br />
<br />
There are the soul cages <br />
These are the soul cages<br />
<br />
He's the king of the ninth world<br />
The twisted son of the fog bells toll<br />
In each and every lobster cage<br />
A tortured human soul<br />
<br />
These are the souls of broken factories<br />
The subject slaves of the broken crown<br />
The dead accounting of old guilty promises<br />
These are the souls of the broken town<br />
<br />
These are the soul cages ...<br />
<br />
'I have here a cask of most magical wine<br />
A vintage that blessed every ship in the line<br />
It's wrung from the blood of the sailor's who died<br />
Young white bodies adrift in the tide'<br />
<br />
'And what's in it for me my pretty young thing?<br />
Why should I whistle, when the caged bird sings?<br />
If you lose a wager with the king of the sea<br />
You'll spend the rest of forever in the cage with me'<br />
<br />
These are the soul cages <br />
<br />
A body lies open in the fisherman's yard<br />
Like the side of a ship where the iceberg rips<br />
One less soul in the soul cages<br />
One last curse on the fisherman's lips<br />
<br />
These are the soul cages <br />
<br />
(Swim to the light, Swim to the light)<br />
<br />
He dreamed of the ship on the sea<br />
It would carry his father and he<br />
To a place they could never be found<br />
To a place far away from this town<br />
A Newcastle ship without coals<br />
They would sail to the island of souls

Thanks for sahring this wonderful song/lyrics.

Inelegant but - Get back on the horse.

Thank you Sacron. Wonderful friends just keep me occupied. Thank you so much to your positive approach.

I am sorry that you have been hurt ,some times when we least think about it is when it happens. That one look or smile just seems to touch us in the right spot to start the heart beat again. Love the story thanks for sharing.

Thanks Garfield. Guess am not good at this. Sigh~~

Some people are quite charming, but end up being very manipulative...and falling for them can leave you reeling and hurt.<br />
<br />
**cues Dionne Warwick's "I'll Never Fall In Love Again"**<br />
<br />
...but it really is better to have given of yourself & been hurt than to not have given of yourself. Love can be cruel, but it also can be wonderful if it's right.

Thanks Dragon always for your supportive words.