He's Looking Past Me At Her

You Were My Best Friend,The One Person I Really Trusted.We Have Been Friends For Three Years And We Were So Inseperable.We Had A Very Special, Interesting Connection That Not Many Can Achieve With Another Person.We Talked Everday For Hours,Sometimes We Would Even Fall Asleep On The Phone Together.You Were My Getaway From Reality,You Took Me As I Am,Never Tried To Push Me To Be Somebody I Wasn't.You Were My Dream Come True.You Made Me Laugh,Made Me Cry,Made Me Smile,Made Me Yell...But At The End Of The Day When I Felt Alone And Scared.You Were There To Reassure Me,You Treated Me With Nothing Less But Love And Care.You Weren't Perfect But I Wasn't Asking You To Be. You Were Todd,And I Fell In Love With You For You. You Were A True Friend,And A Dream Come True.
But Somehow We Fell Apart,And Before I Knew It You Were Gone.Your With Her Now.The Closer You Get To Her The More I Fade Into Your Past,And The Slower I Die Inside Because The One Person I Truly Loved And Trusted Is Now Just A Memory.My Heart Won't Let You Go,But At The Same Time If I Care As Much As I Say I Do I Will Let You Go.
I Love You So Much,Always Have And Always Will.
BlackroseVsWhiterose BlackroseVsWhiterose
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Does he know.. how you feel?

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That's really moving.

i was once in this kind of situations my husband who i met in high school we get married after school we were both living together happily until one day when he came back from work and he said to me honey am fed up with you pack up your things and leave i was surprise i thought it was a joke but few minutes later the whole truth reveals itself and i dont know what to do a one day i read something on the internet about spell casting and i decided to contact one to help me out and he actually did help me to cut the story short today my husband and i have reconcile he even told me that he never asked me out of his eyes and that he is sorry for his actions then i realize what the spell caster told me that my husband has spell cast on him by another girl to made him love her and drive me out that he needed to break the spell of which he actually did. if you need his assistance here is his contact oosaspiritualtemple001 @gmail.com


I think know the feeling

People always need stories of the losers they wereppreviously with. It helps prove they are not socially retarded.

Oooops... I.... Hate love just because of its pain but I really don't think so that he has forgotten you either. Although he is with some one else and may be enjoying it very much....... but deep inside his heart in the chamber of its secrets he won't be able to forget your warm hugs, your sweet kisses, your smile, your beauty and every single thing you have given him. He may not confess it but may be he will be comparing you with all the others and still missing you in some way.... But well.. This is life and **** happens

Only time will heal all pain when u can stand in front of the mirror and say: When I look back on My life,i see pain,mistakes and heartache.When i look in the mirror,I see Stregth, Learned Lessons and Pride

Wow I Like That.Even Till This Day I Have Still Struggled With The Pain I Felt Than But What You Said Is So True. Thankyou!

I totally no how you feel

This makes me so sad. You will be ok.

In Time I Will Be.

gosh! I cant believe that i can totally relate! Guys are really unpredictable and hard to understand. Wish we could finally find the right one for us.. TIME HEALS :) God bless!

Thanks <3 you too.And we will :)

This is happening to me right now and the pain is tearing me apart, while he smiles before he sleeps I'm shedding oceans of tears so I could have an hour of sleep but I wish I could someday heal and move on and find love again. I hope we both can find love again <3 ...

Omg,that was beautiful and emotional.One day we will &lt;3.

ask him if he would like to have a 3 some

you should kill yourself..

Nothin anybody says wl make pain go away now...it wl take its time and one day you wl learn to love and live again

this has just happened to me with a girl i loved and shes just walking away and its killing me inside. i read this post and cried :/ x

I totally understand youre going through. Almost the exact same thing happened to me recently. I hope you feel better:)

You said you are healing everyday knowing he is happy. Good for you. Loving somebody doesn't mean you have to possess them. You will find somebody who truly deserves you someday. :)

Thankyou so much&lt;3

Always love, someone who loves u n can take care of u.. coz its easy to say we do not expect, but no human can live without expectations.. Life is all about give & take, and if that is one sided.. life has no means than..

May I just say that he doesn't know what he's missing. And you deserve way better than someone who's just willing to let you fade from their life like that.

i can understand what ur goin through... n i know, no amount of words can help... only d one suffering, knows how much it hurts... no one else can ever anticipate that intense pain!<br />
but u need not b sad for his absence... its his loss that he cant understand ur importance... he has a lovely heart right infront of him.. but he cant see that... clearly its his loss.<br />
u shud b happy dat u dnt hv 2 spend ur entire life with someone who wud have never reciprocated ur love.<br />
n oneday, someone will come along, who will feel exactly d same for you. probably even stronger :)

Thankyou that was so sweet:)

I'm sorry to hear dat da guy u fell in luv with fell out of luv ovr u. *hugs* good luck on finding luv

Thankyou,i heal everyday though knowing he is happy