I Just Need Understanding, Respect, Support And Love

since my childhood I was spanked with books sometimes, even my personal things are broken by my mom. My father was not at all restraining her. I live in asia so there's no child abuse here. If he ever intervenes its very discreet. they force me into something that I am not ready for yet like employment abroad. They even say "I'm so jealous of this girl same age as yours and she is making a fortune abroad. Even for a simple mistake I get side comments and discrimination. I need focus focus focus thats what they say. I dont need that kind of discrimination because I know what I need. They're always asking why do I need to use the internet. I'm not gonna do something bad. I may be a single mother but I just had the mistake of falling in love with the wrong guy at the same time wanting to go away form this hell house.I comment on something she thinks that she's the one I'm pertaining to.They always say I dont have "utang na loob" because I speak my mind. I suffered depression before because of them and their attitude towards me. I want to go to festivities they are so against me if its my sister, she goes away with it with few comments. If ever I got away with it they make it a big deal. I can feel that they are so much prouder and loving of my sister. I know I'm not that sociable and intelligent and good humored as my sister but I can be great. Everyone has potential to be great. I just need someone to talk to and to support me.They always treat me as a child and they are wondering why I dont tell them stories about work and friends.Sometimes even coercing me to tell those stories. Why will I tell them? They dont even respect, understand, support and love me most of the time.They always say forget about the past, how can I forget it if they are still doing the same thing over and over..
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hanks to all my friends that gave their advices. I now feel free for I decided to forget all the bad experiences and to be not caring about bad words etc. as long as me and my child understand one another and happy..

miss u friend..:)

maybe i haven't accepted them yet for who they are, and so are they to me. what do you think?

I added you as a friend if that's okay with you,

I am having difficulties looking for a job because I still lack experience due to the time that was spent for the pregnancy and depression.

thanks for replying

I have talked to them seriously but it seems they are the one misunderstanding me. I am not stupid as they think. I really feel that's what they see in me. apart the fact that I am a disappointment to them being a single mom.