My Story

this is not exactly a story,its what i m going my family i've mom,dad
i have a dog who stays with me
n i have a boyfriend2
i don't know what he has for me.
he constantly lie to me,saying he don't wanna hurt me
he is a damn good liar
won't accept until n unless i catch him red handed
i can't bear lies at all.
i am so fed up by him
when i catch him he gets angry on me.
i can't bear this anymore.
other than these people i don't have anybody.
the reason would be,me being an introvert.
i'm afraid that i can't live without him.
other than these things;i wanna make my parents proud
i love my parents & my dog very much
n i want to do well to support these people so that they can have a better life.
due to the above stated thing i can't seem to move on in life
i think m such a loser in life,as i can't take charge of my own life
i get hurt very easily,n stay sad for long
these are the reasons of me being sad............

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3 Responses Apr 30, 2012

lots of love

Sorry to hear it - you deserve better.

Your not a loser you just need a litle help statrting your life by yourself. A lot of people go through this kind of thing. You just hav to find something that will aloow you to support yourself and others and then you can hav that to fall back on when you start your own life.