A Guy That I Once Knew Broke My Heart And Crushed It.

I knew a guy for 8 yrs. well thought I did. He acted like a friend but he really wasn't. He used me and verbal abused and treated me like crap then got sex from me for awhile then this past year cut me out of his life and no one else. With no explaination no nothing. I was always there for him and I felled for him. But he broke my heart to many times. He never cared or wanted to know me or wanted my friendship. But had sex with me. Now he has nothing to do with me or talk. But he does everyone but me. He always treated me like crap and still does even though we don't talk. He goes through my friend's to get to me. But don't wont to talk or nothing. He uses women and he is a player. He always and still does treat everyone like you should. But no me. He is rude and all to me. Won't tell me why. I haven't done nothing to him but fell for him. But he played me letting me think he wanted a relationship. But he never did me. We had sex but never dated or went on a date. He wouldn't ask me but did everyone else. He knew I was pissed and all and hate him for it. Why it was all on him. He did everything. My question is could anyone please tell me why he did this? Why he ran and cut only me out of his life after 8 yrs? Oh yeah I have health problems but he knew that from day one. He didn't care but something changed him. This day he won't tell me nothing. All I hear from my friend what he says I don't won't to over and over. What does that mean? Will he ever regret and pay for what he did to me? Will he ever come back and tell me? He has done this in past where he leaves and comes back. But he ain't yet. Like I said he played me and played me as a foul and treated me wrong. Can anyone help? If so thanks. If you answer I will yours.
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He has cleared the pathway to make way for the right man to come into your life. You deserve much better than he was giving

He used me got what he wanted kick only me to the curb. We never dated. He used me for sex. Never will forget or forgive. Always hate him too. He never gave me the same chance or nothing he gave other's and still don't.

Ok so he either did something that he is embarrassed about and won't fess up to you like cheating or something.So his way of dealing w/it is to not face you nor communicate with you.<br />
There aren't too many other reasons why he would do that to you.So my suggestion is to not think of him at all anymore.Move on and just for get that loser.The sooner you resolve to get him out of your mind the sooner you will enjoy life again.Thanks for your story.

He should be. He used me only for sex. Gave me no chance or nothing like he did the other's and still doing. He never gave me respect or a chance. He wonders why I always hate him and never forget and forgive him. All I ever wanted from him was respect and a chance. But I got nothing and still won't. Why cause it's all him. He is an *** to me only still am. Why wouldn't he give me respect and still don't or a chance? Or will he ever? I never forgive or forget what he did. I always hate him too. Why wouldn't he give me that then or now? It's wrong what he did and still doing. Can anyone tell me why I got used and only that no one else did? I know he took time for knowing them and all. He didn't do them like he did me still doing. Why? Always hate him.