My Heart's Been Broken

My story is much the same as probably most of the people here. I meet a girl, she says she loves me, and then as quickly as it started its over. I know that im not anymore special than anyone else. But for some reason, it just makes me feel good about myself when people say they love me. Even if its just a friend that ive known for only a few weeks, it still just seems to make me feel better. Im not your average guy though. Im not afraid to show my true emotions. Im not afraid to cry when im truly hurt. I know that that special someone is out there and that eventually I will meet her. I didnt write this story to meet girls. I wrote this story to meet friends that have been through the same things that ive been through. And just in case any girls read this and think that im just all a good guy, read my other stories. Im a beast at brains but a human at heart. Well I thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please add or message if you would like to talk to someone about any problem you may have. My name is Ricinar Alaric, and I have a broken heart.
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

Sending you healing vibes.You are not alone, believe me when i say that. We are all hurting on so many different levels right now. Be safe brother xxx

Thanks sister :) xxxx

i am here :-)

yup :) and im so happy for it :)

i will do my best to make you happy

And you have made me happy baby :) I truely believe that you are the special someone that I want to be with for the rest of my life :) Love you baby :)

yay love you too babe

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