WELL IM 27 AND THIS GUY IVE KNOWN A FEW MONTHS NEXT TO ME WENT OUT A FEW TIMES THEN HE GOT IN A BAD MOOD BROKE UP WITH ME WOULD NOT TALK TO ME FOR A FEW DAYS THEN SAID HE WANTED TO BE FRIENDS AND START OVER WELL THAT WAS FINE WIT ME THEN WE WENT AND HUNG OUT AGAIN KINDA MADE OUT THEN WE WERE BACK TOGETHER WELL A FEW DAYS LATER HE GETS IN A BAD MOOD AGAIN BREAKS IT OFF AGAIN AND SAYS HE WONT JERK ME AROUND ANYMORE SO I GOT BACK WITH MY BABY DAddy and evertime he would come around jared would get mad and slam the door or react to him well then he told my cousin that he still likes me and wants neither one of us to date anyone till he gets his life together  basicly he wants me to wait for him im so confused he only talks to me at times but told m to cancel a date with my kids dad and dooes not want to hear bouts him any advice would help me do he like me or am i being played by him hes 22 he also constantly stares at me frm his porch please help,
sararams sararams
May 11, 2012