Tonight, I Lost My Faith In The Goodness Of Mankind...

I've always been the happy go lucky sort who wore her heart on her sleeve and empathized with pain & suffering of the people around me. I've been told that i can't help it due to my birth sign being Pisces.
This year, I have had a rude awaking. After spending a year and a half being the support system for a man who I thought would eventually come around to loving me, he walked out the door when I was no longer financially capable of supporting myself or him. I felt so used and manipulated and stupid. When I was struggling with my car payments, he stood by and watched, but was never shy about borrowing my vehicle when he needed to run his personal errands. In the end when I reminisce on how blind I was, I am ashamed of the person that I see. I can't believe I allowed this person to take advantage of me the way he did.
My vehicle got repossessed, in my gut I knew that it was coming...and it did. There was nothing more for him to get from our friendship...the car was gone; I lost my job due to no transportation for my long commute and very soon I will lose my apartment. He bolted - ran like a man with no integrity. I was left alone to pick up the pieces. I'm starting to believe that the whole world is like him...selfish; cold and self-serving and it's gonna take a lot to convince me otherwise. The wounds are fresh so please forgive...
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1 Response May 11, 2012

I'm sorry to hear of your experience. I can imagine how you are feeling right now. I'm a Pisces too. I know what it's like to have someone you love completely walk away when you have given everything to them.<br />
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I've recently been let down by my ex girlfriend who I couldn't of loved more, supported, were to marry, my best friend, someone I trusted and believed in so completely. Even though I still carry this unbearable, agonising feeling within, I believe their are some women out there that would cherish the love and stability that I have for her and not do anything to risk losing it. <br />
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Never lose your faith in the goodness of mankind. I know it's hard to believe right now because he wasn't what you thought he was but I assure you, there are men out there that would appreciate you, value you, love you. They are hard to find because they are special, like you. <br />
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Don't lose your faith!

Thank you...your story is exactly what I needed to hear to give just a small shred of evidence that my thinking was temporarily warped. I will keep you in my nightly prayers...