So Disrespectful!

My daughter's father and I has been together for 5 years on and off. He has cheated on me numerous of times and I have always taken him but I have never forgiven him. Recently I have not been having sex with him because he turns me off I guess of the years of him cheating on me. So I found out he has a new girlfriend already, I mean I'm not in love with him anymore but it still hurts. So now since we broke up he has been treating me bad. He has been being rude so no apparent reason, cursing me out. Its crazy because the way he is acting I should be acting that way because of the things he put me through. Plus we have a daughter together. My question is why is acting this way?
jadaw27 jadaw27
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

I don't know about that because he moved on.

He is upset that you are not an option to him anymore, like his back up option. It's a blow to his ego I bet. But good for you, you have realized that you deserve much better, and to be number one for a change. You not accepting this treatment is also a great example to your daughter too. I wish you luck!