She Left Me For Another Man all of you i've got a broken heart as well....3 months ago my girlfriend left me for another man and the reason is that he's rich unlike me and he's closer to her age....i loved this girl like i never loved before and even tho she left me since over 3months but i'm still feeling the pain like it happened yesterday....this girl was fun to be around and beautiful and nice....or that's what i thought....well i just wanted to share my story and my pain with people who could understand me...i hate this feeling i got right now...this weird feeling in stomach and this pain in heart and even in head...i tried everything to move on....i hanged out with friends....i even dated another girl but i ended up leaving her because i thought it's not fair to her since i can't feel a thing towards her and i know i caused her pain...i mistaken big time..i shouldn't have got with another girl until i make sure i got over the first one....right know i don't know what to do...i've heard that my ex is very happy with her new boy friend and she writes on her social page about how much she loves him....and i keep going there and read what she's writing and that not doing anything but causing me a great feels like i were ugly feeling when i'm still in-love with just confused and upset.

well that's one of my many painful experiences...thank you for listening .
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I'm in the same situation. I know once you are alone and miss her you just go to her profile and feel the pain. It's hard to control I do the same thing. It really makes me i wanna take out my heart from my chest. We just have to make it a good memory and start dating. Go hang out with your friends. It really helps. We have to learn from our relationship and from the mistakes that we have done.

I know how you feel. I have that same feeling in my stomach, my heart is also racing. It almost feels like i cant breathe. Stop going to her page, its going to only make things worst.