The Rebound

"I think we should just be friends," she begins tentatively. "I like you. You're great really, but my heart is not available. It's not fair to either of us."

"Being friends isn't fair either. You can't keep doing this. I am the one, then I am not the one, I am the one again, and now I'm not the one. It hurts."

"I understand. I'm sorry," she says.

"Do you want my advice?"

She doesn't really. She's over it. Over him. She lets B continue anyway, knowing that it is more for him than for her.

"Cut J out of your life for good."

She winces.

"Cut him out like cancer. Not for me but for you. You can never heal unless you do. Maybe then, when you are over it, over him, I'll still be around. Maybe not."

She says nothing. If there was anything J taught her, it was how to be silent when confronted. She wants J back. His strength to comfort her. Even now she is thinking of him. Longing for him.

"I'm not angry at you," B is still talking. "I'm hurt and upset by all of this, but I'm not angry at you."

There is a lot she can say but she won't. She could point out that it would never have lasted. She could have said that every moment she was with him she thought of J. That she was a two part package. She and J. But she says nothing. She feels callous. She knows she is a *****. She knows first hand how it feels to have the one you love say nothing. She should hate herself for how she is treating him, but she doesn't. Somehow a sick, twisted part of her is enjoying this. It makes her feel that J is with her even now. His thoughts, his blood, running through her veins. If she can be like him, then they are still in a way together.

B should know, she thinks. The rebound never gets the girl.
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May 15, 2012