Just Wanting To Stop Hurting!

I feel in love with a man the first time I looked into his eyes. I've never cheated or been tempted before but this day did it for me. I was thinking about leaving my husband and decided to check out some sites. There he was, tall and very handsome. I thought it was made in heaven as I've always been the good girl. We moved in with each other and things were great until he told me he wanted more than I had to offer. He wanted me to set up ********** and not with two men either. I did it because I would do anything for him. Then about five months into the relationship he changed. He even hurt me a couple of times, he broke a chain once when he braved my neck. Because I loved him I over looked the out bursts of anger. I did move out and into my own home where I now live alone. I still love him but have realized he isn't good for me. Finding a man to love has become an obsession with me. I've started dating men that before I wouldn't of even considered. Oh! I did divorce and now that I'm alone so much I have time to reflect on all the wrong steps that I took one day I do hope to find the true Mr. Right however since I know my own weaknesses I've stoped dating just anybody. I've found it is important to my health to think twice and act once. I've joined a support group and it has helped me so much.
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Sorry to hear you are hurting. You say you fell in love with him the first time you looked into his eyes and also mention he's tall and very handsome. You then say you hope to find the true Mr.Right which leads be to believe you would like a relationship which stands the test of time.<br />
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It's good to read that you have stopped dating just anybody. I wish you the very best of luck debi5120 and hope you'll be able see quality's beneath a man's shell. Sexual attraction can be very powerful but that's not enough for a relationship to last.