Reflection In A Window

i bend my finger as i write your name
on the window as i walk on by
catch my reflection looking back at me
wondering how i ended up this way

i try to smile to myself , as if to say
everything is fine,.... don't worry
but i know , i'll never be the same
for what you've done to me, has changed my heart.

every part of my feels so strange
my head my body my soul
i can't help but question , was it me
was it something i did

maybe something i didn't
that turned you into someone
that i no longer knew, took the real you away
replaced you with a stranger, who say's i don't care

i know deep inside , it's not the real you
my real love hiding within
maybe one day you will surface again
but i fear by that day .....i will be gone

our life seemed great, everything in harmony
there was no writing on the wall
just you wanting.. something extra
not thinking of me

just a selfish action
a what do i care moment
that lead to where we are now
lives ripped apart, children crying in the dark

you got what you wanted
was the price worth the pain?
for you i feel yes..
for me and our children
we will never be the same!
Englishgent1970 Englishgent1970
36-40, M
2 Responses May 18, 2012

Heartbreak runs so deep. Our only alternative is to love halfway, and live a life unfulfilled. To take a chance at happiness and love and give all we possibly can is a risk. It's been said, that each time when we love, to love as deeply as possible, each time we do, our heart becomes bigger and bigger. When healing a broken heart, we must take time and feel the hurt, to rush through and not allow it to heal means we will take that hurt forward. Sometimes we are not meant to have the answers...and that is the most painful part.

This is beautiful x<br />
Describes heartbreak so well x