Love Sucks!

Being in love has done nothing but hurt me emotionally and physically! I'm tired of going through the same ******* story over and over again. The only thing thar people have done to me is learn how to hurt me and then when they realize they messed up they want to come back and make up for all the damage they've done. And of course me being a strict Christian/Catholic I forgive them for all the damage but the hurt is still there. I am in love with someone at the moment but he ended up being someone that I don't even know. He was nice to me and respected me but after a while he lost that fire he once had for me and now he seems to be nothing but a total *******. My first love love ended up using and took advantage of me in many ways. When we broke up I felt as if my world was ending and had no way out. I've been cheated on, disrespected, and much more by guys I just have trouble finding the right one. Right now I'm single and quite frankly I don't mind. I'd rather be single and alone than with someone who's going to end up treating me like a piece of garbage. No I don't mind being single. I just want to be single and not be in love . I HATE BEING IN LOVE! HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT!!!! I just want to be content with my life with no men in it. Just my dad and my brothers. I guess you can also say it's my fault for picking ******** but I also see that it's my low self-esteem that makes me pick these types of guys. Well guess what no more! I'm tired of being disrespected! Single is the way to go/ I don't care! I just wish I can get this guy out of my heart so I can move on and be my own SINGLE SELF! I'm sick of crying for all the damage I have in my heart from not just guys but from everyone. I need to start putting my faith with God I just wish he didn't seem so far away, I beg him to heal me but I guess I'm just going to have to wait and be patient. Love Sucks! Romances only exist in movies and in fairy tales. If there's anyone out there that feels the same way please let me know!
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

Heya, just want to say that I know how your feeling, I know, it really sucks. But believe me, in due time you will overcome your feelings of hurt and fustration. Just remember the goodtimes you had together with your ex. Remember them for there good quality's. Everybody falls short in this world and it's up to us to acccept the fact that nobodys perfect but its up to us to make it perfect. I hope in due time you will heal from this feeling and hopefully in the future, love will appear in your life again:)

Thank you so much for the support :) You have made me feel so much better. God Bless and take care