He was the best friend I always wanted - funny clever same sense of humour, honest dependable, open but also manly. He let me into his mind and I fell for the way it worked. He was the dream. And he let that dream become reality for one short day. And like any dream, I knew it would be too short, and too sweet and it was.

Now, he's turned away from me, like last weeks rubbish that wasn't collected. I'm devastated.
I don't think he even knows what he has done to my heart.

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4 Responses May 21, 2012

Real deep and beautiful:)

i understand it must really hurt for you. it hurt for me too. i felt like my whole world was going to fall apart, like i was going to die of a broken heart. maybe you will fell better if you talk to some one close some one you really trust. it helped me a little. :)

Thanks :)

I think I experienced the same thing. But was this someone you loved as in 'like' or loved/still love as in a friend?

Both :(

i can relate to this i am so sorry to hear that...

Thanks. The sad thing is I don't think I even have the guts to tell him he's hurt me.

hmm you need to gain the confidence...