My Heart Beats But I Feel Lost

Well ever since i was alittle kid i always wanted love in that special way cause ive never felt complete an after sevral relationships i found this one girl alittle over a year ago an we fell for eachother but few months ago i found out she lied to me about having feelings for her ex an a bunch of other stuff an tht she loved to play the victim an all that stuff an had lied to my face the whole time an i couldnt take her back an now after sevral talks with her i now know she never loved me but loved what i had to offer an i loved her but she never tuely loved me...... I cant take her back now after that this was all just like a week or two ago.... After i ye of thinking ur truely loved an finding all this out.... Feel just worthlesss an used.. An like theres a hand in my chest squeezing my heart as hard as it can crushin it.... Anyone who understands out there? I know im better off without her but it still hurts cause i love who i thought she was not who i now know who she really is.
Nickwoods83 Nickwoods83
18-21, M
May 22, 2012