Shattered: Maybe Not

A few day ago I shared my story of how heartbroken I am about the way that a person I care about seems to not care about me.

He doesn't care about that and I know this and my heartache is a result I trying to accept thi an move on. I also commented that he probably doesn't know how I feel. I now know - he has no idea. He doesn't care about me. An although I am hurt that I'm not even worth an after thought- I am not just heartbroken - I'm angry!

He's such a caring and considerate person - to everyone but me. I'm done being a door mat. I've tried to be the best friend I can be- there for him Ben when it's put other relationships I have in trouble. I've defended him and been his supporter for the longest time. Not anymore. He's by himself now. I will not be supporting nonsensical selfish petty behaviour. He's a grown man of 32! He acting like he's 8. And you know what? That's fine - because it's not my business anymore.

Flame07 Flame07
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1 Response May 25, 2012

You need to find one that makes you happy,don't settle for some knothead that can't see the forest through the trees..