I Still Wish You Would Come Back...

I feel numb... My heart hurts thinking about you even though you have been gone for a year. Maybe we just never had a proper "goodbye." I miss holding your hand and seeing you smile because of silly things that I did. I miss staying up late and texting you when we weren't next to each other. There is many things I wish I could have changed when we were together, things like how shy I was around you and I wish we did more things together. I miss feeling you wrap your arms around me and laying my head on your chest and hearing your heart beat. I still laugh when I think about your accent and how cute you were when I confused you by calling puddles "poodles", or that day when you sang that love song from Spanish 2 and I tried to join in and I accidentally called you crazy in Italian. I wish I could lay in my bed with you again and fall asleep in your arms. I miss when you used to tell me that I meant everything to you. I wish you didn't have to move back to Italy, and just stay here with me. Now you have moved on and probably have forgotten about me. It's not that easy for me to just throw all of these memory's and feelings for you away... I hope that you are happy and I wonder if I ever cross your mind from time to time.
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2 Responses May 27, 2012

I too suffer the heartache of wanting my memories back.. but the reality is that it is over. The memories are beautiful, cherish them and make sure you are able to make these memories with another person once again :)

my goodness.... I feel the exact same way right now..... I'm going through this breakup now... and I cannot let go of all the happy good wonderful memories!! It is impossible!! I love him so much and just want to go back to 'normal'... truly do.... this is so unbearable.. and I really hope I'm not still hurting a year from now.. ;(