Total Darkness

I feel like I'm not cool or worthy enough for anyone to actually fall in love with me. Sometimes that makes me want to live a self-destructive lifestyle because I wonder who would care? I recently got out of another relationship that just didn't work out and I dislike myself for it.
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1 Response May 30, 2012

I understand, everything that goes wrong seems as if it has to be my fault, and if it isn't, I can't accept being rejected without having some reason some proof, I don't understand how it is so easy for guys to just shove you off as if you never meant anything when just hours or even days before you were the world.

I completely understand, it's great that to hear some who feels the same. It has been easier to realize that just because it seems as others have a better life, there are just people more so I think that are content with being misreable.