I'm Not Really Heartbroken...

I'm not really heartbroken. I actually have to people who love me and whom I love too. But this is a little bit hard. And the other fact is that I haven't seen them for so long a time. She doesn't write me a mail cause she has to do so much and the last time we've met was last Saturday. Okay, we'll meet tomorrow but it's still horrible not to have heard anyting since Wednesday. And him I haven't seen since Thursday and I miss him like hell. So in fact there is no reason to be heartbroken but I still feel so cause I miss them so much and will have to pick one of them one day...
GothGrrrl GothGrrrl
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2 Responses Apr 13, 2007

Perhaps you should make a decision as soon as you can. Either way someone is going to get hurt and the longer you leave it the more it is going to hurt them.

I feel ya. you'll be ok just focus on the here and now. Are you being honest with both of them? do they know about each other? because if not, that should be your next step.