After Being On My Own For 6 Ye...

After being on my own for 6 years now, I have taken the time to know myself more and learned not to be bitter. I am quite happy with my life now
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3 Responses Apr 13, 2007

Good to know you are not bitter anymore. Hope you keep on this track and may you be blessed with treasures of a rich life and happiness be showered onto you.

I started with a list of things I liked about myself,then i also wrote down what makes me happy, even simple things such as nature or holding hand etc( this is a good time to note, look for this in others dont ask them, Watch ) then I wrote down the things or mistakes I think I do, by writing this down you have to confront yourself, now remember we are hardest on ourselfs so dont be too negative, remember there is alot to love about yourself. Second of all look for the circle, are you making the same mistakes or falling for the same type of guy? I did then I realized I had the negative thought that I had to find people who NEEDED me not loved me! OMG! I actually thought that if they needed me they would stay, this was not the case.

How did you made it ma'am? I wanna know so I can heal my wound..