Don't Want My Heart To Hurt Anymore.

It started a few weeks ago when my husband starting getting very sexy, very detailed sexual texts. He showed me right away..And we laughed about it but never found the culprit. Those texts started getting very abusive and mean towards me all the while still sexting him. I told him to ignore the texts...she was sending them to me each time he responded (which was always just with...'who is this') today I got one from her saying she won. After him coming home 3 hours late I asked him if he'd gotten any more texts...He answered with NO. After a while he jumped on me asking me what I do on the computer and if I'm cheating, talking to guys..etc..I said No..of course I'm not. Me being as curious as I am had to check his cell phone...What I found was not good...She was telling him I was cheating..and that it was his ex from 11 years ago...and she was sorry and missed him....How dare she right? Not even thinking I looked at what he wrote back..the first message said He loved me, and could never cheat on me.....As I read on I see she is apologizing for everything...and asking if he ever misses her..He replies Yes! Then I see he writes-I'll do whatever you ask or want me too.
I flip out of course...He tells me he said it because he wanted to find out more of what she knew about me..It's unbeleivable to me...They do have a kid together that he doesn't even get to see because she has made her resent Jeff! She took him for everything and cheated on him in his bed a week from their wedding! They were together for 2 years 11 years ago!! We have been together for 7 years! Why throw that away to a person who made your life a living hell?
My heart is aching..I trusted him so much. I never would have thought!
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Ouch I'm. So sorry to hear. Keep being HONEST with yourself.first.Hope you feel better soon.

Be careful not create permanent situation out of a temporary intense emotion.

sorta already did..I tossed my engagement ring..

That's an awful situation to be in. I would reveal to him what you know and ask, is it really worth discarding your 7 years together of someone who cheated and took him for everything.<br />
<br />
I hope you heart heals soon.

Give him a chance and some trust before you jump to conclusions, mabye he is really telling the truth.

I thought that too...but when I told him to text her and tell her he loved me, and was only trying to find out what she knew (which is NOTHING) He wouldn't....and when I told him to take my phone and not his he made a huge deal about it..(he needed his b/c of his co-workers having his number) ..So lost..

I hope your heart stops hurting soon to. :)

me too. Now I'm sorta really pissed..