Its so hard to get over a break up. Especially when u had your whole life planned to be with someone. And then it falls apart. You really are lost. You don't want to give up the fact there's a slim chance they may walk back into your life.
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So have they walked back into it?

Yep he sure has :-)

I had so many dreams for our future. I was changing my life. I was becoming a better person for him and for us. Now that its over my motivation, my inspiration, is gone. I've stopped taking my pills, I either sleep all the time or can't sleep at all, I have trouble just living a normal life. Its been 2 months. I know the pain will fade and the dreams will be replaced eventually, but I can't help but feel like a part of me has died. <br />
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Thank you for sharing, its comforting to know I'm not alone.

Yes you aren't alone...ur welcome..thank u for sharing =)

When your heart mends, it will be stronger. Right now, things may seem out of sync. After you start healing, look back at the experience as if you are looking at someone else's experience...learn all you can from that vantage point. You will become wiser...~hugs

Thank u . Iwill most certainly do this. =)

Heartbreak, what is it? Why do we feel that way? Heartbreak is the absents of the spirited presence of another person to whom we had or have a connection with. The feeling we get when another person is around that enhances how good we feel is missed when they depart. It is us who feels a loss. A loss of feelings we enjoy, the mental link between two people. When they are not there it effects our personal feelings. Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with how the other person feels one way or the other. It only effects us. The Heartbreak is the knowledge that this other person will no longer be around for us to draw from that good feeling we get from them being around.<br />
It is when they are around it generates an additional feeling that brings us closer to our Source Energy and that is a feeling all people seek whether they know it or not or understand the attraction that takes place. Yes, there is a lot of other things that entangle our two lives together but is knowing they are no longer around for you to help draw your Source Energy to you that hurts. It is a lot like losing an electrical connection and things no longer light up.A loss of energy or power that is noticeable to everyday existence.<br />
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Cure? Not really. Just know there is more energy out there you can tap into. They are not the only source, they are just the extra source energy you use to draw from to help you feel good.<br />
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Been there done that not that long ago. Understanding it is two people parting for different destinations because something way better is on the horizon for you or this would not have happened. Trust me it is true. I am so looking forward to what is next and that is nothing but exciting possibilities. Endless possibilities!

very well explained. thank u... =)

Thank u and I hope u acheive what u are dreaming of. =)

So very true. I had silly plans with my ex about finishing uni getting married having kids a nice house in the country various different pets etc. and it scared her a little that I could be so sure about what I wanted from life. In hindsight I was silly to want those things (we're both only 20) but everything felt right. Now I'm trying to think of ways I can explain to her how we can make things work. Good luck with fixing your heart because I know how hard it feels to mend mine!