This Is The Once Place I Can Vent...

I lost the love of my life. She was just truly amazing, everything i could have ever asked for. I keep pushing and pushing and i dont realize how badly i truly do need her until its too late.
We were together almost 1 year 8 months, and we broke up. It sucks so bad. I really dont know what to do. I didnt just lost my lover, she was the one source of my true happiness. My light through this dark life of mine. I really dont know what i will do without her. I want to die. I really dont know what else to do. I be strong, i have faith she'll come back. But all my hope is gone. I just know i'm probably going to die alone.
Yea, i'm only 15. But dont tell me what i feel, i know this is love. i've never even come close to feeling this way before. We always had talked about our future after high-school, how we were going to get married and settle down. Everything in our relationship was amazing. We got called cute all the time.
The only few things that were problems: Trust, Seeing each other, and Fighting.
It sucks, because there is nothing in this world i want more than her. Now she wont even talk to me, she leaves me all alone and all i do is think about her. Im driving myself insane and i just need help. No one is ever there for me. I have no one i can talk to. She was the only one i could open up to, and now she is gone and now i have no one. I am not like most guys, i know a lot of people say that, but i really believe im not.
I tried as hard as i could to keep her happy, and nothing was still ever enough. i could talk to her about anything in the world and know she would help me the best she could. I really just want her back, someone to call my own. Someone to cuddle. someone to make me happy. thats what she was to me, she was really my world and i care about her more than anything.
If i could get any advice at all on how to get her back, i would really appreciate it. I really dont know what else to do, i dont want to let go.
I dont know where else to turn...
Thank you for your support...
devinborne101 devinborne101
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 22, 2012

When i was 15 i went through the same thing with a boy friend i had. Eventually threw all the heart ach and tears and seeing him happy with another girl i got over it. As soon as i got over it i noticed how many other better boys were out there. She is special bc she is your first love but if your not her soulmate you cant force her to come back with you. You are young and there is probably some other group of girls giggling at the sight of your name. Dont let one breakup ruin your whole life.