People Say Hate Is A Strong Word. Yet They Are Able To Throw Around Love Like Its Nothing

I thought I had finally met the one! How often will you find a girl who speaks the same native language as you. Can easily relate to family culture and traditions, Plays the same video games as I do, and is so much fun to be around! All these traits made me quickly fall for her. I had told myself this is it! Ive finally found what I've been searching for. Towards the end things went bad and she felt it wasn't the same and she wanted to go and have fun with her friends being single and going out drinking! She said she loved me but was able to give up on the relationship so easily? I try to keep my day busy so I don't think about what I've lost. The hardest part is being so used to a routine of having her around in my daily life and now shes gone. The loneliness is unbearable and trying to get over her feels like it will take a life time! All I can do is just try to take this one step at a time but I just don't know if I can open myself up so easily like did with her ever again.
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My buddy once told me that women are like Hurricanes, when they *** they are wet and wild and when they leave they take your house and car. A little humor,,,,lol

I no how you feel my friend, this just receently happened to me and I just cant believe how fast someone can forget. I fell for her so fast and I really believed she was the one, but she just tramppled my heart and walked away.

Tell me about it! 1 minute everything is good and they love you and the next theyre completely over it and almost seems like they are unaffected by the whole situation. I recently saw a quote which reminds me of the situation. "love is like war, easy to begin but hard to end"